Canadian Moose Hunting in BC British Columbia is well known as a premiere destination for hunting Canadian Bull Moose. Moose, therefore, are a unifying and familiar sight for every Canadian and so it is no wonder when one considers Canadian wildlife the mind often wanders to the largest of the deer family, the moose! Young moose become strong swimmers within days of birth. Every Christmas, 1 million letters are addressed to Santa Claus. Until the Middle Ages, moose lived in the great forests of Central and Western Europe. By Alaa Elassar, CNN. This majestic creature is a symbol of our Great White North and a keystone species of our boreal ecosystem. Except for arctic regions, they can be found throughout the vast majority of Canada and Alaska. Western Canadian moose (1950 - Peterson) The moose population in Canada is now estimated at more than 830,000 moose! Adults may stand as tall as 2.3 m high. The old forest in the background would be a good place to start hunting moose. These moose are found throughout Canada, and are noticeably bigger body size and antlers respectively. Moose, the largest member of the deer family, genus Alces, found in the northern parts of Eurasia and North America. This area has prime moose habitat and is home to an incredible Canada Moose population and has some excellent Moose hunting opportunities that few other places in North America can rival. The Moose population in British Columbia has spread out as a result of logging, mining and land clearing. There are many areas of the province that traditionally have never supported Moose but now have a large population. We average 54"-58" in … at his own … We further acknowledge and recognize that our work reaches across all of the distinct First Nations, Métis Homelands and Inuit Nunangat, and for this we are grateful. Massive and majestic, moose are a cherished wildlife icon of North America. Like the white-tailed deer, moose are especially dangerous to motorists: 700 Moose-vehicle collisions occur annually in Newfoundland and Labrador alone. Moose are mammals. Moose often roam through residential areas looking for food, and motorists occasionally collide with them. However, due to hunting and the expansion of cities and towns, this species’ natural habitat has shrunk. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Discover more about the Moose, Loon, Lynx, Grizzly Bear and Beaver in this Great Canadian Animals PowerPoint. In some areas, migration routes have changed due to changes in habitat and food sources. Charitable registration # 10686 8755 RR0001, //