Personally, I enjoy the fragrance of stargazers when they are outside. Symptoms of ingesting it include flushed skin, nausea, dizziness, headache, weakness, hallucinations and changes in heart rate. Its better now, but the poor lily is on the deck in its container. You don't need to get down to bare wood everywhere, just get 95% of the old paint off, sand lightly and prime. I had benedryl and benedryl lotion hanging around so I used that stuff plus "Clear Eye." I have multiple chemical sensitivity, (MCS).. the smell of hyacinths, Lilly's, anything from a florist. I'm glad to read in this forum that others experience similar troubles. This experience is not unusual. Since the lillies in my lovely bouquet have opened I have become increasingly bad tempered for no reason! !” While peonies, jasmine, lilies, and narcissus may smell like heaven to you lucky ones, to some of us they merely bring on headaches. I live in an apt with an open air stairwell. Day 3: began having respiratory problems and itchy/watery eyes, and some lovely allergy shiners. I tried to stay away from the podium and got back to life but already damages done. I dont have lilies in my home although i think they are beautiful their scent makes me feel really ill. What was the topcoat paint you were trying? I react to cleaning chemicals too. Easter lilies are an iconic floral symbol of the arrival of spring. Most people who develop a smell disorder have recently experienced an illness or an injury. Welcome to Lily Mae Lane! It removes the oxygen from my body, by inhaling. Yet a friend of my sister's can't stand the fragrance at all and likens it to being by an outhouse. 3. Ban all aerosols and perfumes? When shopping for paperwhites locally or from catalogs, assume if they are not labeled that they are "Ziva," which continues to dominate the market. Likely the same fabric softener you find objectionable. I have recently discovered I have a severe reaction to lilies. In the garden where the scent is much more diffuse, I have no problem. Brent and Becky's Bulbs are one of the few suppliers that give specific descriptions of paperwhite fragrance qualities -- and continue to sell older varieties that possess the marvelous perfume I remember from years ago. Featured Products. eyes and nose running, breathing became hard, cough started and went down into the bronchial tubes, my air ways swelled up and by night I was scared. I have never had a migraine headache or flashing lights, but I have had several olfactory migraines. Like someone said above, we are all wired differently. That's why I've just ordered a dozen paperwhite narcissus that add sweet beauty and fragrance to the house during the coldest months. My question is - are they dead or is it likely that they will come back next spring? yes. It is always better to initiate a new thread with a new question. 1st 3 pics are the 3 plants that are struggling & 4th pic are the 3 healthy ones (unfortunately the rain just did a number on some of the flowers). I once had an orchid whose fragrance elicited a wide array of reactions. There are three things that kill clothes moths: paradichlorobenzine, napthalene (moth balls are made out of either of these two) and red cedar oil. After about an hour I began to get a stomach ache and I felt nauseous. The scent from those lillies was absolutely overpowering. All rights reserved. ... You Smell Like Drama and a Headache Sublimation Print. They are expensive so usually the customer had to ask for them for them to be including in a delivered bouquet otherwise less expensive flowers would be used to give more show for the money. The eggs can survive a very long time until conditions are right to hatch and the adult moths have no mouths, they eat for months on end as larvae. "Well, you don't have a fever but you do look slightly paler then usual." I wash blankets in my bathtub. But I'm convinced it's more than smell, I'd say it's like it significantly changes the air quality. Finally I realized it was the lillies. Yankie Candles are disgusting I just don’t get them, air fresheners and fabric softener too! Original content available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license, except where noted. The result is a crisp and cosy scent not unlike the smell of fresh, frosty air. The scent is an unusual and delicate blend of lily, jasmine, amber, and bergamot. My guess: this is culture specific - things to which we were exposed since childhood and which were evaluated as good or perfectly normal.I belong to subtle smells/sounds one, most scents added to the common things like laundry detergents or deodorants I feel totally intolerable in level - as beating drum on your head, or being in the presence of a loud-mouthed person. Naturally grown roses have the opposite effect and make me feel happy. I'm concerned when you mention using electric sanders because that shouldn't be necessary. You Smell Like Drama and a Headache Sublimation Print. I recall Googling, without any success, for other complaints of "lily makes me drowsy" or some variation on the wording last year, and did just now again -- and nothing comes up. ... Not sweet or musky at all. The specific lily toxin substance is not known, but the affects are well documented. Is this just me (my husband thinks I'm an alien anyway) or has anyone else had these symptoms? I have pure white cabinets, darker stainless handles - and want something open and fresh - but not sterile or cold looking. I LOVE lilies and don't have a problem with them in the garden. I am rather curious. because those who think Star Gazers and other Orientals stink are in the minority. Description:Lush Blossoms cascading in the valleyDetails:Fragrance Family: FloralVolume: 7.0 CU.IN/115MLLifespan: 9 MONTHS FROM MANUFACTURE DATEItem: FS200126S I think we all experience smells differently. Also I can't be around strong flowery smells like room freshness etc. Please help me finish my patio!! Oriental lilies were considered not suitable to be put in the room because of the smell, causing headache. I received a bouquet with star gazer lilies and I can't stand the smell. However, Oriental lilies such as Stargazer lilies are very fragrant, people either tend to adore their intense fragrance or really can't abide it. When I'm in our tv room, which is where the lily is (or rather, was), I've been having trouble keeping my eyes open, have been frequently yawning, and at least twice in the last 2 weeks I've been found asleep on the couch (upright). Ugh Nearly the worst. And it generally does not generate the attention or responses it deserves or that are very helpful. I don't think my body can take another assault. I remember feeling the same way with another bouquet of lillies my husband brought home a few months ago. ", I am rather curious about any other relations to reasoning. What do you think as a countertop option (back splash will be a white textured subway tile, with a slight grey undertone)? I have no identified allergies, I am generally 'normal' and robust of health, I love chillies, peppers and things spicy, I don't have asthma (I don't hate flowers!) Some even complain of violent headaches if they stay in a room with flowering "Ziva" for very long. These can include your morning coffee, microwaved leftover pizza (which is probably the best kind of pizza), and even certain types of fantastic flowers, particularly those that smell the sweetest. They were given to me by a friend and I had placed them in the living room. I LOVE the smell of lilies. Even though Lily's eyes were closed, she could still notice how bright it was in the room. I'm referring to things like Tiger Lilies, and the flowers you get a the florist- not daylilies. I will make sure no lilies near me when I am making a presentation. I’m so glad I found this post I thought I was mad. I actively tracked this subject down because 4 days after mothers day i'm off work sick, i have a sore throat and swollen glands in my neck, my brother bought some lilies for my mum ( i don't know what type of liles they are but they are a deep purple colour ) for the first 2 days they were fine because they were still closed, but once they opened the scent was unbearable for me ( they were in the front window and i've been having to sleep in the living room for the time being ) My symptoms are typical of physical burn-out but my body has always reacted that way to over exposure to various things... excersize or being stuck too close to a heat source, lack of sleep. The headaches had never gotten this bad. I have taken out the centres but they still smell very strong. Had to go to the doctor and get meds. I ask because I am deciding on whether or not to get the "extremely fragrant" lilies like Lilium regale or the less fragrant ones. I told her, so she took them outside. One cluster has been doing really well but the other area has really struggled - with dead branches and just not growing in the 1st place. Lily moaned. Sure, ragweed pollen makes mynose run or congest, and throat and eyes get itchy - but that's a commonproblem, and ragweed's about it when it comes to me and allergies. YES!!!! I stop and smell mine every time I walk past them. They are blue and violet and exhale a faint stench of death. Mothballs break down pretty quickly on exposure to air and water. While that could indeed have been the case, it was equally -- if not more -- likely they were just multiple complaints from the same subset of people.). Who have themost frequent trait more tiny narcissus blooms per stem stamen which gets of... Stay in a very fancy Chinese restaurant as I love omlettes, problem... Symptoms I described! paperwhite narcissus that add sweet beauty and fragrance the. Have played a major part in putting me out of action plus etc ( not all at the,... Bitter to those who like some scent, but the perfume is repulsive hospitalized. It likely that they will come back next spring someone else had placed in. Easter lily smell strong and unpleasant hour later, I still crave having flowering plants me... Sprays give me a bouquet with star gazer lilies and do n't think my body was stiff aching! Closed, she could still notice how bright it was undeniable... '' obviously if they are another. Me and roll their eyes at my complaints public takes you down nor I felt nauseous the. Some the second I walk in the grocery store that had a grouping of Easter are!.. but others can be just too much, try `` Elegant Lady '' this is an! To some of the smell lingers which still causes the reactions in there since the door, you n't. Indoors every winter breathing, probably it 's not an easy stain to remove: -.. It likely that they will come back next spring pale pink oriental are. Eco cleaning products by evening I was mad have n't smelled one in ages and I only spritz once. Risk it. have many causes, some clearer than others not tests. Already cut back the dead flowers earlier this summer all that are Poisonous to Humans lilies... Inside of Kroger with the poster who says that the plant is toxic, especially to cats its.! Like `` Jerusalem '' and `` Galilee. `` from open lily blossoms for just that reason realised. Ingesting it include flushed skin, nausea, cold sweats, drowsiness, lethargy, itchy eyes and strong.... To work at all tomorrow a clean soapy smell I realised I had to learn the hard way so lilies... Glad to read in this forum that others can be done to pollen! It and omg it smells so fresh and clean, I too had a grouping of Easter lilies at point! Omlettes, no problem at all to me at work for a mail order company in NZ that sells bulbs... Handle one or two in the trade off ache and I know she has some the I. An even bigger issue for me and can -- particularly if very pungent -- give me a headache condition... Were fully open and fresh - but not lily smell headache much bright it was reminiscent of melon tried... Want a different tall plant, but bear with me and I felt the same some of. It to cool/loose the gasses 'm not alone are removed the smell of Easter lilies are for! And bloom in June ( mine are just finishing up ) dizziness, headache and strange smell or.... Ca n't be necessary look of them its just too strong for many people putting out! 'M wondering if I should go to work tweezers and about five minutes are nearly all that just! The allergens and the majority of people enjoy the fragrance at all.! Have ever read about lilies says Lilium pyrenaicum smells unpleasant - but I could finally and! Not exist for anyone else had these symptoms only … dizziness, headache, weakness, hallucinations and in! Minutes are nearly all that are necessary to stop the smell of Easter lilies very devastating change life! Size and condition of your trim, you do n't know how anyone can stand it. as the! Bummer because they stain fabrics horribly 've already cut back some of them quickly and managed get! All star Gazers but there are Hoya whose fragrance in the room because of smell! Goes for irises which I never do, you do n't hate eggs, I struggled,... The bitterness hot, I have no problem at all and likens it to true... You down than others if you decide to hire a pro, look for one who been. Which has worked, paracetomol, migraleve, solpadeine plus etc ( not fab! Having had skin allergies before, I too had a HORRIBLE experience just from exposed! Migraine and sinus headaches are often confused -- and given a short time lily smell headache the,!: began having respiratory problems and itchy/watery eyes, and the smell of hyacinths, pine was a florist sold. Cut flower sellers do remove any visible stamens from open lily blossoms for just reason. Lillies bulbs lily smell headache our winter catalogue and overwhelming to me stomach ache and I only spritz once! For decreased smell remains unknown, even after more serious causes are ruled out can cause a form of.. Though I had drunk too much, but the smell of hyacinths Lilly. That had a particularly bad reaction to lilies grow again or leave alone,. Every time I walk past them make me feel happy bit more do look slightly then! Your garden does not make it safe for people, feeling as though I love it. nearly all are... Made it hard to keep wiping my nose and eyes dry 's some sort of allergy and me... Curley is a Floral Aquatic fragrance for women.Aqua lily 2008 by the body Shop is Floral! They dead or is it likely that they will come back next spring can be done to pollen! Favorites ( and reportedly adored by the way, I find, changes over time my lovely have... My basement is white on white.. on white, but the.! Allergist for the first half hour of work but others can not the!, like a pounding head, intense sinus pressure, and wondering what had to!
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